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Alfresco Acqua D’Alfresco Insect Repellent 50ML


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Alfresco Acqua D’Alfresco Insect Repellent 50ML
Alfresco is the only available moisturiser containing a natural insect repellant.
It contains botanical extracts (Geranium, Lavender, Melissa) to repel insects without repelling humans.
It is a natural insect repellent with a pleasant fragrance and is also a nourishing, effective moisturizer and skin conditioner.
Directions for use
Spray liberally, every three hours particularly around the neck, ankles and exposed areas; be careful near eyes and fine fabrics.
You know your skin best so take care and try a skin patch (spray a little on your skin) before use.
Acqua d’Alfresco’s effectiveness is heightened when used with Alfresco Moisturizer.
Using an Alfresco Beauty Without Bites product you are encircled by the ‘Alfresco Protective Aura’ which humans love, insects hate.


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