10 Health and Fitness Benefits that using Portable Oxygen can Bring

Portable oxygen is something many people still aren’t educated about, even though it has been around for years. There’s quite a few companies selling portable oxygen, the best I have come across is booost, which is aimed at the sport/fitness market and contains 99.5% pure oxygen. I use booost when training or during competitions.

Below I have listed 10 reasons how using portable oxygen can benefit you:

1. When exercising intensively it helps you get through your Wall

2. Hard training is tough mentally too – portable oxygen can help with this aspect as well

3. Increasing health and fitness is all about enhancing recovery after exercise – portable oxygen helps with this

4. It can help you extend the duration of your exercise sessions when you struggle with this

5. Slows down how quickly you experience fatigue whilst training which is no bad thing

6. Portable oxygen alters the way you experience fatigue.

7. Carrying portable oxygen enables you to get high oxygen levels into your body in the quickest way possible – by breathing it in

8. The portable canisters weigh next to nothing so are no hassle to carry with you

9. Everyone differs in how they experience fatigue. Portable oxygen can change your experience too

10. Portable oxygen helps world record holders – it can help you as well!

A final note to add,portable oxygen can have many uses, it doesn’t just have to be a sports product. It can help bring health benefits in many situations such as if you live in a polluted area or regularly feel tired. Read More About it.