After having been exposed to a blistering summer, there is no doubt there are those who are looking forward to the autumn and winter months. In addition, if you have been on a diet regimen throughout the summer, you will want to maintain your exercise program especially during this time of year. Here are 5 exercises which are perfect for autumn.

Walking. A 20-minute walk, three times a week can do wonders for physical and emotional well-being. Besides, now that the leaves are turning, communing with nature at its best will make the effort an afterthought.

Hiking. Perhaps it is a family tradition to make a ritual of hiking every weekend. What a perfect time to travel to different places within the state or outside the state and witness the autumnal changes. Moreover, the exercise received while hiking is even better since more exertion is required.

Biking. If you love biking going to the local park or biking through an historic area is a wonderful way to exercise. More than that, you are educating your kids at the same time as you come across new and exciting places to explore.

Yoga is a wonderful exercise for autumn. Take the family to the local park amid the changing leaves and the brisk clean air. Develop a routine to stretch and bring the body to a calm and serene state. In addition, Qi Gong is another form of Yoga which is fast being the popular method of attaining the same results.

A perfect exercise for autumn involves a few items: A football, baseball, Frisbee or soccer ball. Take the family to the park every Saturday and enjoy a day filled with fun exercises involving all of the aforementioned items. Spare an hour after school, this would be a perfect time to take the kids out to park and let them breathe in the fresh air. At the same time keeping them fit after a long day of sitting indoors at school.

No matter what exercise you engage in remember to dress warm and stretch before each exercise.