The Body for Life Diet plan was created by Bill Phillips, who is the founder of EAS, makers of nutritional supplements. What is the Body for Life Diet plan?

It is a 12-week program utilizing diet and exercise as vehicles to lose weight and sculpt the body. Consisting of a high protein diet and regular exercise, those who have participated in this plan have lost one to two pounds per week while losing body fat and gaining muscle.

The Body for Life Diet is exactly that: a change in one’s lifestyle. While on this diet, you are expected to consume six meals a day. Each meal contains one portion of protein and one portion of carbohydrates. Adding a vegetable to two of the meals is also required. This diet is more about portion control than calorie intake.

It seems obvious that consuming six meals a day will prevent hunger pains, but the bottom line is that because the consumption of vegetables and fruits are not incorporated in this plan as in other diet plans, it is necessary to supplement this diet with vitamins.

The second component in the Body for Life Diet plan is an exercise regimen. You will be required to engage in a vigorous cardio exercise three times a week, twenty minutes per session. Strength training is also incorporated into the exercise program, which includes lifting weights three days a week for 45 minutes per session.

Let’s take a look at the first day’s meal plan on the Body for Life Diet:

Breakfast: Breakfast Burrito, Glass of water, Coffee
Snack: Myoplex® nutrition bar, Glass of water
Lunch: Turkey sandwich, 1 apple, Glass of water
Snack: Myoplex® shake, Glass of water
Dinner: Grilled Steak, 1 portion steamed mixed vegetables, 1 small sweet potato, Glass of water
Snack: Rice pudding, Glass of water

On the seventh day, you can eat whatever you desire.

The Body for Life website is comprehensive in nature and easy to peruse. It also gives you the opportunity to print out the first week’s daily menus to start you off. In addition, it offers the exercise program including training tools, videos, exercises, and overall information on how to effectively exercise using this plan.

The information available for the diet itself includes ten nutritional guidelines, the Body for Life food list, create a meal, nutrition articles, recipe finder, champion meal plans, the sample meal plan for six days, the first week’s shopping list, and nutrition questions and answers.

If you are interested in the Body for Life Diet plan, check it out and read all of the information to ascertain if it fits in with your lifestyle.

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