When you’re diagnosed with breast cancer, it may suddenly become the only thing that matters to you. While it is important for you to spend time thinking about your treatment options and other arrangements, your cancer diagnosis doesn’t have to become your whole life. With a bit of effort you can help take the focus off your cancer and continue thinking about the things that really matter to you.

The most important part of getting through breast cancer treatment is having people around to support you. Whether it be friends, family, a support group, or another group of people, that support can actually be the difference between a failed and successful treatment.

If you let it, breast cancer can easily take over you life, from what you do to how you think. This can leave you more stressed out and make your body less able to fight the disease. Instead, focus on relieving your stress. A great way to do this is through yoga. It calms your mind and body, helps you feel better mentally, and has even been shown to relieve the physical symptoms of breast cancer and cancer treatments.

Many people get their diagnosis and decide immediately that they must be strong and not let it get to them. While this seems like a great philosophy, it’s not necessarily realistic. You need to take time to express what you’re feeling instead of simply suppressing it and letting it get to you. Yes, it’s good to keep a positive outlook, but you also need to take time to cry and vent your frustrations and fears to a friend or family member. This will help you feel better and get through each day.

In a normal life, there are a lot of things to get done in a day and not enough hours to do them. This is even more true when you have treatments to go to and are left feeling zapped of energy. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, or simply accept it when it’s offered. Many people want to fight on and not take charity from others, but this can leave you stressed, tired, and make your body less prepared to fight your illness. Accepting the occasional dinner or offer to baby-sit can help you catch up or relax and leave you better able to cope.

While it may be a challenge to do, exercise is a great way to cope with the stress of breast cancer. Not only will it lift your spirits, it can also help maintain a positive body image which can be affected by a breast cancer diagnosis, especially if you have to undergo a mastectomy. Plus, once you get over the initial drain, exercise actually helps give you more energy which can get you through your treatment and the rest of the day.

While it is possible to cope and live with cancer, you have to remember that this will change your life. While it won’t be the same, you can still continue to live positively and not let the cancer beat you.

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