One of the most pleasing aromas in the world is that of fresh tomatoes prepared for canning. While most vegetables will dissipate during the winter months, isn’t it great to know that people can still enjoy a healthy menu due to canning their favorite foods at the end of their season.

Stock up on those favorite fruits and veggies we eat all summer. In addition, check with local farms to determine what types of vegetables and fruits are still available to can and savor for the winter months.

For example, there is nothing more soothing or tasty than homemade soup. Why not begin canning all of the vegetable ingredients so that you will be able to have them on hand when you begin trying different soup recipes. Can carrots, whole kernel sweet corn, green beans, zucchini and of course, tomatoes. Tomatoes are a multi-purpose vegetable which can not only be utilized in soups, but for pasta dishes as well. If you have a need for instructions on canning check online to find a myriad of sites explaining the entire process step by step.

Here is another factor to consider: While pesticides and other chemicals are used for preservation and color of fruits and vegetables, isn’t it nice to know that canning not only produces fresh ingredients for menus, but actually tastes much better than the processed foods purchased at the supermarket.

Utilize the canning process for combinations of fruits and jams, as well as vegetables. Why not make salsa, relishes, pickled peppers, beets and bread-and-butter pickles.

For further information, check out the Complete Guide to Home Canning at:
This guide is hosted by the US Department of Agriculture. Start canning foods for the winter and begin a tradition of healthy eating which will become part of a diet regimen and, at the same time, support local farms as well.

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