It seems inevitable that as soon as winter arrives we settle in for the long haul and forget about exercising. While understandable, all of the work devoted to a good diet and exercise program, which most of us have been on prior to the winter months, has all but dissipated.

Exercise is not relegated to a specific season. It is important to continue an exercise routine no matter what weather conditions prevail. With obesity already established as a pandemic, especially among children, it is vital that we as adults teach children the reasons behind exercise and prepare them for a healthy lifestyle from early on. The only way we can teach proper nutrition and exercise is by example.

Thus, while we look forward to the winter months for a variety of reasons, we have to remain vigilant in our determination to continue the program we have been faithfully executing during the other three seasons.

In addition, with the holidays soon upon us it would be beneficial to begin an exercise program now, especially if there has not been any regular activity, in preparation for the occasions to come.

The fall would be the perfect time to begin preparing an exercise regimen for the entire family. In this way, when the winter comes everyone will not only be in better condition, but will be able to carry out different forms of exercise no matter what the winter holds.

We are content with sitting around a cozy fire and indulging in snacks and high fat foods as we watch Sunday night football or our favorite TV shows. The evidence shows that we are especially vulnerable to weight gain during the winter.

Therefore, if you have been exercising during the spring, summer and fall it would be a shame to stop during winter especially since it is considered a time when weight gain is almost certain. Make a promise that neither snow, nor rain, nor sleet will prevent you from carrying out your appointed exercise rounds.

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