More and more homeowners are using different color schemes in their homes that reflect their personalities. Depending on the colors you have in your home, they can play a pivotal role in how you feel. Let’s take a look at some basic colors that help relieve tension.

Pink: This color has a soothing and calming effect. Studies have shown that this nurturing color, especially among girls, is often linked to adults who prefer a less passive hue.

Blue: Studies have shown that blue is a relaxing color and one that promotes calm and inner peace. It also provides tranquility. One of the more popular colors, it is favored among men and is also said to reduce blood pressure.

Green: Also emphasizing tranquility, green is nature’s color. It has a calming effect and studies assert it may relieve stress.

Orange: This is a particularly warm color that can also relieve tension. However, some studies suggest that since it is a component of the color red, it can also spark feelings of hostility.

Brown: The feeling of a comfortable and secure existence is part of the color brown’s description. It makes sense since it is also a color associated with nature.

The psychological effects of color has been the subject of much research. For example, studies have shown that red cars cause more accidents than silver cars. If you’ve seen any bullfights on TV, the red cape used to antagonize the bull is red for a reason. Red energizes, may provoke feelings of anger, and increase hostile attitudes.

It is also interesting to note that centuries ago colors were used as a holistic alternative to traditional medicine. Here are some examples of how colors were used to heal: The color yellow was used as purification of the body; the color indigo was used to aid in skin conditions; the color red was used as a stimulant; and the color orange was utilized to elevate one’s energy.

There is a reason why many homes are switching from traditional white to a variety of soft hues. White, in and of itself, may denote purity; but it is also devoid of healing properties that can relieve tension.

The aforementioned colors have been shown to relieve tension, and the color palettes of today are more comprehensive in achieving a certain look, while at the same time offering a soothing alternative to relieve tension.