Nationwide audiences watched Channel 4’s stunning diet programme on January 19th
2011. It really underlined the principles behind the Lemon Detox.
Dr Anu Bhatia, better known as the ‘TV Diet Doctor’, showed
just how civil servant Jacqui from London lost nearly a stone
after her controlled Lemon Detox diet AND kept as cheery
and active as a lamb on a sunny spring morning.
Jacqui – a keen dancer – weighed over 15 stones at the beginning of her diet and shed
15 lbs after 10 gentle days with the Lemon Detox.
Dr Bahtia pointed out at the beginning of the programme that keen fans of the Lemon
Detox – including superstar singer Beyonce – say it not only makes them thinner but
happier, healthier and more full of energy.
She said: “The Maple Syrup diet [aka Lemon Detox diet], if you keep sipping it
through the day, will keep your sugar levels topped up just enough to keep you going.
You feel hungry but your energy level will get you through the day. The belief that
the mixture is detoxifying your body is a strong psychological motivation.”
Two other diets, the Cambridge Weight        
and the Cabbage diet were also tested but
with less effective results.
After watching and analysing Jacqui’s
cheerful journey through the Lemon Detox
diet, Dr Bhatia said: “Jacqui is delighted
her willpower has delivered results.”
And after the big final weigh-in, a trim and cheerful Jacqui said: “I’m very pleased
and happy to be back in my favourite dress!”

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