Don’t let Hayfever take over your summer…
Try the following products:
What is it ?
It is made from beeswax, essential oil and vegetable, corn or sunflower oil. You can choose from two fragrances Frankincense or Lavender according to personal preference.

And now you can buy HayMax Pure™, voted BEST PRODUCT ORGANIC by the Health Food Institute panel of judges at the Natural Trade Show in Brighton 2006, with no added fragrance. This version is great for people who don’t like the smells of the essential oils, or who are particularly sensitive.
We use organic beeswax from the rain forest in Zambia ,we use organic oils, and according to independent, qualified Aromatherapists, the essential oils are not harmful in the quantities used for HayMax™

What people have said:
My Mum bought me some HayMax Pure and it is the best thing ever since I have been using my sneezing has stopped as has my eyes, this time a few weeks ago my eyes were that sore I was lying on the bed with ice cold flannels on them to try to reduce the swelling and itching, now they are fine!!!
Louise ThompsonMonday June 16th, 2008 12:09 PM
Absolutely brilliant! I have suffered from chronic hayfever for 30 years and although I still take anithistamines Haymax has helped enormously! Applied three times a day, it has reduced my hayfever by at least 75%
Moira HepburnThursday June 12th, 2008 04:20 PM
What can I say, I love your product !!! I am a saxophone player by trade, and have suffered loads over the years with summer gigs particularly at Festivals. Have tested every anti-histamine under the sun to limited success. I tried the haymax balm last week and it immediately made a huge difference. You have made my summer…possibly my year. Thanks very much
David TowersWednesday June 11th, 2008
You can order the award winning HayMax Pure™, HayMax Lavender™, or HayMax Frankincense™ in 5ml pots (same size as a lip balm pot) From
Also try this summer the Weleda hayfever survial kit

Totally natural products to help ease hayfever symptoms.
1 x 20ml Rhinodoron Nasal Spray with soothing Aloe vera. Clears, moisturises and cares for the nasal passages. Ideal for use during the hayfever season. Can be used for all the family including expectant mothers. Free from artificial preservatives and propellant gases.
2 x 125 tabs Mixed Pollen 30C tablets. A homeopathic combination of 29 different cereal, grass, flower, tree and weed pollens

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