Natural beef is becoming all the rage and the reasons why are even more important: natural beef is free of antibiotics, hormones, and steroids. Does natural meat cost more? Yes, but it’s worth it.

There is a farmer in Canada who, 30 years ago, decided to raise beef cattle the natural way. He started a company by attracting other local farmers who felt as he did, and together they are now one of the biggest producers of natural meat. Not only is he contributing to the environment by using this practice, but he has helped the economy as well.

Natural meat is not the same as grass fed meat. It is not organic meat. Natural meat is processed minimally and contains no artificial ingredients. Moreover, while some labels may say “all natural” it doesn’t necessarily mean it is natural. Natural meat comes from cattle that are able to graze on an open range.

However, even though there is a surge in the number of consumers who prefer natural meat, the supply does not consistently meet the demand. This is why the cost of natural meat is high. For example, a pound of ground beef may sell for $2.00, whereas a pound of natural ground beef will sell for $5.00.

There is another consideration regarding natural meat which should be mentioned. A study was conducted among consumers who purchased natural meat from a well-known company. As with most natural meats, the cattle had been fed corn within the last 90 or 100 days before production. The general consensus among the group was that natural beef tasted better than regular beef. What is the point of this scenario?

Consider that natural beef from cattle is in its prime at two years of age. Thus, farmers have to join cooperatives in order to supply enough natural beef to their respective companies. In addition to this, the farmers have to have the cattle certified and the companies have to market the natural meat to assure customers that it is indeed “natural” meat. This is a costly process on both ends of the spectrum. It is estimated that it costs 25% more to produce natural beef and the need to lower costs is a major consideration among cattle owners.

Another factor is that consumers tend to prefer the loin because it is more tender than other cuts of meat. Surveys show these consumers would definitely pay more for this particular cut.

The next time you decide to go out for dinner, why not find a restaurant in your area that serves only natural beef. You will be quite surprised at how fantastic it tastes. In addition, you can always check online where there are a number of farms who only sell natural beef products. It may cost more, but the health benefits and improved taste may well make it worth it.

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