In researching the answer to the question, “Does self-hypnosis really work?”, it is apparent that it does. The key to successful self-hypnosis is practice, practice, practice.

While it has been conceded that children are more easily susceptible to hypnosis, it may be harder for adults. The reason for this is that as adults, we are constantly thinking, planning, worrying, and multi-tasking. However, children’s brains are like sponges and can easily absorb information since there aren’t as many distractions in their young lives.

Self-hypnosis is based on the ability to allow the subconscious mind to receive commands and suggestions. One individual put this in a more logical context. He said, “If you knew how to achieve a given result with your conscious mind, you wouldn’t need hypnosis.” Thus, having the ability to clear your mind of all thoughts in order to focus and induce hypnosis is a task that takes time.

The truth is you need to get out of your own way – so to speak – in order for self-hypnosis to work for you.

There is a theory that those who use and exercise their brains more frequently have a greater capacity to induce self-hypnosis. Thus, self-hypnosis can be achieved if you practice it daily by disengaging your conscious mind and allowing your subconscious to receive the signals you are sending.

According to experts, self-hypnosis results can be realized by some individuals immediately, while for others it may take several weeks to recognize a change. Most agree, however, that a 21-day timeframe is reasonable.

While some say it is easy to accomplish, the trick is to relax and focus. Sometimes this is hard to do, especially if you cannot rid your conscious mind of the constant barrage of thoughts that get in the way of total relaxation.

Others suggest using a self-made tape to begin the process of self-hypnosis. This may make it easier to allow the suggestions to filter into your subconscious. And if you practice yoga or other relaxation techniques, self-hypnosis is just a heartbeat away.

While some people prefer subliminal messaging (that is, the utilization of pre-recorded tapes to either lose weight or quit smoking), self-hypnosis seems to be the most effective method since you have complete control over your own subconscious.

It can be done, but as mentioned earlier self-hypnosis does take practice, focus, and the ability to clear your conscious mind so that your subconscious is receptive to the suggestions you give it.

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