Why is fall a great time for running? For one thing, the summer heat is gone and exercising among the changing leaves and brisk air is healthier. People who have been running for some time obviously know the benefits derived from a good workout.

If you are new to running, the first thing is to begin slowly and work up to a reasonable goal. More and more people are running every day, whether it’s in a marathon, for a worthy cause or for sport such as orienteering. Either way, the best time to begin is now, when the weather is conducive to running and all other forms of outdoor exercises.

As mentioned earlier before beginning a running regimen, talk to someone who is an experienced runner. Research running on line and become familiar with all of the tools and techniques needed to run properly. This includes the proper running shoes and clothing to wear as well.

Once you understand the mechanics of running then begin a regimen with an attached goal. Exceed that goal then set another. Experts stress to participate in all of the stretching exercises beforehand to avoid injury.

Running may not be for everyone. Try it out and determine if it works. You may be surprised at your own capabilities. However, don’t give up, as it will take some time to develop the rhythm and the strength needed to run a mile, for example.

Experts also advise to change your routes so as not to become bored. Also, run with someone who is just starting out as well. It can make all the difference since you will both be helping each other to achieve your individual goals.

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