Are you tired of the same old colors in your home or office? Are you feeling down and out? If so, try a new paint scheme that will energize, excite, and play a major role in lifting your mood.

Here are some suggestions for a new paint scheme that can be used to lift your spirits and create an entirely new environment in your home or office.

Let’s assume you have a home office with white walls, white furniture, green rug, and a black computer station. Okay, ready? Begin by choosing the color that will best reflect your personality and enhance your mood. Arrange to have the furniture removed so that you can opt for a more contemporary look. Choose a color rug that will enhance the color scheme in your room. Select some artworks that also reflect your taste and color scheme.

Here is one suggestion. Choose the color red for your walls. Not red that has orange in it, but pure red. Use semi-gloss white for window trimmings, door frames, and baseboards. Paint the ceiling white as well. For curtains, select a black pattern with a valence. The furniture can be contemporary white and black. For the artwork on the walls, you can choose a myriad of contemporary prints or you can decide to select one wall to add antique plates.

You can refinish the black computer table and move it to the window area. A tiffany lamp would be perfect as a corner piece next to the computer table since it is full of colors such as reds, blacks, pinks, blues, and greens. For the rug, you have two choices; you can buy a runner to place on top of the existing rug that reflects the colors in the room, or you can order a new rug with a red and black color design, or a solid red.

If you have antiques that you would like to place in one area of the room, you can purchase a black bookcase and place the antique pieces on each shelf. If you have an end-table that is made of light wood, you can refinish it in black. Add a decorative vase that brings out the colors in the room.

Once you have chosen the basic color for your room, everything else will fall into place. Another tip is to choose three basic colors and paint a stroke of each color on the wall for a few weeks to determine which one best suits you.

The same applies to your office. Begin by choosing colors, then paint strokes on the walls, and start researching furniture stores and wholesale furniture companies that offer wide selections. You may decide to paint just one wall a specific color in your office and leave the rest white.

But whatever you decide, the finished room or office will leave you feeling exhilarated.

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