For those who practice or wish to practice the art of homeopathic remedies, here are some important items you will need in your first aid kit.

* Aconite for colds and flu
* Belladonna used for toothaches
* Chamomilla to teething infants
* Magnesia phosphoricum also for toothaches
* Coffee cruda 30X for severe toothaches
* Pulsatilla for pets who exhibit symptoms of fever and vomiting
* Phosphorus used in cases of severe bleeding
* Apis is used for insect bites
* Arnica is utilized for pain, swelling and bruising
* Arsenicum is used for gastrointestinal disorders
* Euphrasia improves eyesight
* Gelsemium helps to lower fevers
* Ledum prevents infection
* Nux Vomica is used for A-type personalities who exhibit anger and frustration
* Rhus Tox cures poison ivy

While you may or may not have heard of some of these homeopathic remedies, it is quite interesting to note how similar they are to conventional medicines, such as creams and ointments.

Perhaps this is why the National Center for Homeopathy refers to these alternative remedies as “a system based on the Law of Similars.”

If you are concerned as to where to purchase any of these items, check with your local homeopathic practitioner or pharmacy; or you can certainly check online to obtain these remedies at affordable rates.

All of these remedies can be utilized whenever the need arises, and quite frankly, you can save quite a bit of money as most of these remedies come in kits specifically for the homeopathic user.

These remedies are reminiscent of days gone by when our grandparents used homeopathic remedies even before we understood their significance. If it worked for them, it is certainly a viable and effective alternative to the side effects caused by conventional medicines.

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