With all of the unhealthy foods that are available today, getting your kids to eat healthy foods may seem impossible. They often prefer microwavable pizzas to home-cooked meals, and greasy potato chips to fresh fruits and veggies. But you can get more healthy foods into your children’s diets. Here are some ideas:

* Stock up on healthy snacks, and leave the unhealthy ones on the grocery store shelf. It may be difficult to control what our kids eat when they are not at home, but we can make sure that they only have healthy things to chose from when they are there. They may protest at first if they are accustomed to less nutritious snacks, but they will eventually come around if healthy foods are their only choice.

* Make healthy foods as appealing as possible. Some kids might prefer for their fruits and vegetables to be cut up instead of whole, or they might like their apples with dip. Accommodating them will let them feel that they have a choice while getting vital nutrients into their bodies.

* Ask your child to help prepare healthy foods. In most cases, she will be happy to help. And kids are much more likely to try something if they have had a hand in making it, so this is a great way to introduce your child to new things.

* Make all meals as balanced as possible. Having healthy foods from all the food groups on the table doesn’t guarantee that your child will eat them, but if they’re not there, she won’t have the chance.

* Offer foods that your kids don’t like several times before you give up. And make sure that each child takes at least one bite every time a food is offered. Kids are often resistant to new things (especially vegetables), but after they’ve tried them a few times they sometimes change their minds.

* Make it a point to let the kids see you enjoying healthy foods. If they only see Mom and Dad eating junk food, they will be less inclined to eat healthy foods. So be sure to eat lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts and other nutritious goodies, and don’t forget to offer the kids a bite.

Getting kids to eat healthy foods is one of the most important things we can do as parents. The nutrients found in these foods are important for growing bodies. And if they learn to appreciate nutritious choices while they are young, they will be more likely to continue to eat them throughout life. This will reduce their risk for a variety of ailments. It’s never too soon or too late to introduce healthy foods to your children.

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