Lately, flu shots have been in high demand and can be quite hard to get, but protection against influenza is very important. While fatalities are rarer in developed countries, the flu is still very prevalent and can take weeks or more to recover from. If you can’t get a flu shot, there are other options for helping you and your family stay healthy. While you can find all kinds of pills and syrups that claim to help protect you, one of the best defenses against influenza is all natural – it’s grapefruit.

Grapefruit has many qualities that make it great for fighting the flu. First, like other citrus fruits, it is high in vitamin C – a powerful antioxidant that boosts your immune system. Grapefruit has also been shown to boost the “good bacteria” in your digestive system to help you better digest your food and absorb nutrients. Plus, it has been shown to help fight off a variety of viruses and bacteria.

To properly protect your body, you need to add quite a bit of grapefruit into your diet. You can do this by eating fresh fruit, drinking freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, or by adding it to other dishes. Since most of the benefit of grapefruit (and many other fruits) is in the solid parts, it is best to use a juicer that grinds up the whole fruit to remove juice instead of just squeezing the juice out or drinking store-bought juice.

What if you just don’t like grapefruit, can’t get good grapefruit in your area during a certain season, or just can’t add enough of it to make a difference? Many supplement companies sell grapefruit seed extract. It is made using the seeds and pulp from the grapefruit and turning them into a liquid. It has many of the health benefits, without having to eat so much grapefruit.

Grapefruit seed extract, or GSE, usually comes in one of two forms: liquid and capsule. Many people prefer capsules because the liquid is very bitter and hard for most people to stomach. To take the liquid, it is recommended you dilute it in water or another liquid to lessen the unpleasant taste.

Unlike most medical treatments, grapefruit seed extract doesn’t have any known side effects, does not cause allergies, and can be used safely by almost everyone. However, grapefruit and GSE can both interact with some medications, so check with your doctor before adding grapefruit to your diet or supplement routine.

Grapefruit can not only help treat and prevent the flu, it can also be used to kill all kinds of other bacteria that can make you sick – everything from skin conditions like poison ivy to more serious infections like e coli, staph, and even herpes. You can use these products for everything from a mouth wash, facial cleanser, and even to clean around the house. This is where the liquid form of grapefruit extract comes in handy, because it can easily be added to other products and solutions.

Eating grapefruit or taking a grapefruit seed extract is a great way to protect your body and improve your general health.

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