What are the health benefits of breastfeeding babies? There are more nutrients in breast milk that any other source. In addition, most breast fed babies have an easier time feeding than when trying to utilize alternatives such as bottles. Another plus is that babies who are breastfed are less likely to become sick, according to doctors.

It is a widely held affirmation that babies who are breastfed not only develop as they should, but do not gain as much weight as their counterparts. Studies have also shown that premature infants grow at a faster rate when breastfed. Furthermore, certain research indicates that babies who receive mother’s milk are more likely to score higher on tests to determine their IQ level.

The benefits of breastfeeding to mom are just as important too. Most moms who breastfeed tend to lose the additional weight gained during pregnancy quicker than those who do not. Studies have shown that breastfeeding decreases the risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer as well. It has also been determined that women who breastfeed are less likely to develop osteoporosis, which has become a concern for those who are pre and post-menopausal.

Let’s face it breastfeeding is a natural process. It is not only a healthy benefit to baby, but to mom as well. This is a time when mom and baby begin the bonding process, in an atmosphere that is calm and serene. It helps mom and baby relax and offers mom the opportunity to have some quiet time as well.

Moms who breastfeed babies are providing the best health benefits they can give their newborns in the first days and months of their lives. Since there has been so much research and studies conducted determining the health benefits derived from breastfeeding, the consensus is that breastfeeding babies outweighs bottle-feeding by a long shot.

Those of us who were breastfed were the lucky ones and now our children can also benefit from all that we learned from our mothers.

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