As you wait for your baby to be born, you child-proof the home ensuring that all the outlets have plugs, all detergents and other products used to clean are safely put on the top shelves and put safety locks on cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom, right? Yet, somehow, kids find a way to locate an item that can be toxic.

What are these items? Let’s take a look. While you may not even give it a second thought, read what a pediatrician from a local hospital had to say: “If you smell something in your home, something that has a strong odor, then you can readily assume it is a vapor coming from something toxic.”

What is the odor he is talking about? It could be the stain used on your new floors, or an odor coming from a new pair of shower curtains (you know that odor; it has a distinct smell). It could be an odor from a litter box or it could be as simple as dust particles.

According to studies, children who breathe in these toxins can exhibit side effects, which are clearly noticeable. Vomiting, nausea or headaches are clear signs that something is wrong. One woman stated that the odor coming from Clorox makes her throat close. This adult reaction is scary in and of itself. Imagine, then, what toxins can do to children?

There was a wonderful show on TV recently in which a couple was preparing for the arrival of their baby. After they went through the entire childproofing process, the husband got down on his hands and knees and crawled around each room. He was viewing the home from a child’s perspective. It was an interesting way to determine what items in the home can cause harm to a child.

Kids are naturally curious, and because they are it is important to check every nook and cranny in your home and get rid of anything that smells or has a distinct odor. This includes floors, furniture, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, pantry, basement, plants, back yard, well, everything. In addition, remove those items that are odorless as well but contain chemicals.

Note: Within the past two weeks, Mattel recalled over 9 million toys because they contained lead and toxic chemicals.

Our environment is certainly not a healthy one in fact it’s downright toxic. Living in a city dwelling may be a source for these toxins to enter your home as well. There has been enough evidence since 9/11 to corroborate this fact. In the meantime, keep your home as safe as possible for your kids. A safe home is a healthy home.