Are there holistic approaches to getting rid of tired eyes? Yes, there are. In fact, some doctors have quite an illuminating stance on how one can not only alleviate this problem in particular, but how to apply overall eye health in a person’s daily life.

For example, one doctor suggests that, “While most people exercise their muscles to maintain health and physical fitness, regular exercise of the eyes is just as important for visual fitness.” Moreover, exercise of the eyes can prevent chronic eye diseases because it “raises oxygen levels in cells throughout the body and increases lymph and blood circulation.”

There are additional ways in which you can utilize holistic approaches to get rid of tired eyes. One of the most notable is placing cucumber slices on the eyes. They help relieve the puffiness and swelling and offer a cool relaxing alternative.

The use of tea bags is another way to relieve tired eyes. Some of the more popular teas used are green tea – which contains anti-inflammatory components, black tea, and chamomile tea (which, as we all know, has a soothing agent). Steep the tea bags for about five minutes and put them in a cup of iced water before placing on the eyes.

Other methods you can use to get rid of tired eyes can be incorporated at home, at work, or while driving. Experts recommend not to stay focused on any one object for a long period of time. If you are sitting at the computer station, take a break and look out the window or across the room. Another recommendation is to take a twenty minute break, go outdoors, and take a short walk. They advise that natural sunlight is important for our overall health.

Doctors also advise everyone to stop smoking. As we know, smokers have a higher risk of developing degenerative eye disease. Lower your sugar intake as well as alcohol. Exercise and proper nutrition are also important. A diet regimen which includes vitamin A is a great source of eye care. Exercising the eyes is also the key to getting rid of tired eyes.

The bottom line is that we all engage in tasks that tax our eyes. Taking short breaks, sitting in a quiet room with our eyes closed, alternating hot and cold compresses for our eyes, and wearing eye protection when out in the sun are all part of the holistic approach to better eye care.