So, you’ve just found out you’re pregnant and words just can’t describe how you’re feeling. Pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting experience, but if you’ve never gone through it before, one of the many things you may be feeling is overwhelmed. Don’t worry, there’s help. A pregnancy calendar is a great tool to use for any pregnant women, to help her be prepared, in control, and ready for her pregnancy and baby.

A pregnancy calendar details the development of your child, from conception to birth. They’re usually divided up on a week to week (and sometimes day to day) basis. Depending on the calendar, they also give you all sorts of information on what is going on with your own body and what to expect.

Most pregnancy calendars require you to enter your due date to get started. If you’ve already had your first ultrasound or doctor’s visit, you’ve probably already been given your expected due date. If you don’t know your due date, just calculate 40 weeks from the start date of your last period. While not every person is the same, knowing your due date will give you a fairly accurate idea of what’s going on.

Once you know your due date, you can figure out how far along you are, and what stage of development your baby is at. While everyone is different, the development of the fetus occurs at pretty much the same rate. By looking at where you are on the calendar, you can determine exactly what your baby should look like, how big they should be, and what parts of their body are developing.

Many moms, especially first timers, are overly cautious about everything that happens to them and their bodies. A pregnancy calendar can let your know, week by week, what kind of changes to expect – from gas, to weight gain, to heartburn, to fatigue. This way, you can be assured that what you’re going through is normal, or you know if something might be wrong and you need to let your doctor know. Remember, not everyone is the same; you may have different symptoms and side effects of pregnancy. Having different symptoms doesn’t mean there’s a problem.

Depending on the pregnancy calendar you use, you may also be able to find helpful tips to help make your pregnancy, childbirth, and mothering experience easier. There’s everything from diet and exercise plans to tips on dealing with some of the less pleasant side effects of your pregnancy. Many will even give you a jump start on preparing for your baby by giving you important things to think about and prepare for, and even give you suggestions for baby names.

If you find a pregnancy calendar that doesn’t have everything you’re looking for, just keep searching. There are plenty of options out there. You’re sure to find one that will help you feel happy, comfortable, and prepared for your newest addition.