Using reflexology during pregnancy is a widely accepted method in alleviating many of the associated aches and pains. Let’s take a look at the many areas in which reflexology can help.

The following are the benefits derived by applying pressure on the feet that can contribute to a more comfortable pregnancy:

* Reduction in edema and nausea
* Relief of leg pain, insomnia, and constipation
* Reduction in water retention
* Relief of backache
* Relief of muscle spasms
* Reduction in vomiting and morning sickness
* Alleviation of stress and anxiety

During labor, reflexology can play a vital role in:

* Relieving back pain
* Relieving labor pains
* Promoting relaxation during labor
* Increasing energy and inner balance

After the baby is born, reflexology can contribute to:

* Increased energy and decreased weakness
* Achieving an inner balance
* Controlled body weight
* Relieving insomnia and post-partum depression
* Relief of lower back pain and tension
* Strengthened muscles
* Increased ability to lactate and decreased breast pain

Reflexology can also help in reducing the emotional ups and downs most pregnant moms have to endure. The Qi or energy flow is necessary to ensure that a constant balance is maintained for the mom and the baby through nourishment of cells throughout the body.

Conversely, reflexology should not be used to stimulate labor or cause contractions prematurely. In addition, the applied pressure should be held to a minimum. This method should only be used by a reflexology professional who is trained in exacting enough pressure, but not so much that it can cause problems during the first trimester.

While there are many experts who espouse reflexology for pre- and post-pregnancy, ensure that the person performing the method is qualified. It’s also a good idea to consult your doctor to ascertain if there are any pre-existing conditions which will offset the safety factor of utilizing reflexology during pregnancy.

On the plus side, reflexology during pregnancy can promote a healthy balance within and reduce the discomfort level as well.