With the brand new fall season shortly underway, most people are gearing up to watch their favorite shows. Not only does this signal the start of winter but is a particular time when there is the potential for weight gain.

Let’s face it; the football season has just commenced and along with favorite shows yet to come, most fans will be sitting in front of the TV with a myriad of snacks. Add to this inclement weather, lack of exercise and the need to hibernate adds a new set of eating routines that are unlike any other season. Thus, weight gain is imminent.

One could suggest it is the natural order of things; that is, to spend more time at home sitting in front of a roaring fireplace nestled in that favorite chair and watching that favorite show while consuming those favorite comfort foods.

Winter is also a time when the flu may restrict movements. The time to feed the cold, not starve the fever. Whatever the case may be, it is common for most individuals to take advantage of the winter months to enjoy heavy and high fat foods. The cycle of dieting during the rest of the year seems to wane during the winter months.

In order to maintain a healthy diet year round, and while admittedly it is hard to do especially with the holidays approaching, it is necessary to exercise as often as possible in order to avoid the inevitable weight gain that is more likely to occur during the winter months.

While there will be the occasional snacking during Sunday night football, combined with more heavier foods that are meant to warm and comfort, it will also take a great amount of effort to exercise and pay attention to how much of these high fat foods are ingested.

If you are already on a diet regimen, whether it’s counting calories or consuming prepared foods, no doubt you will want to eat snacks and other foods that are not on the diet menu. If this is the case, retain the portion control that you have utilized from the outset and exercise a bit more often to compensate for the extra calories.

Prepare homemade vegetable soups, which are not only hearty, but healthy as well. Freeze several containers to last a few weeks at a time. Winter is a problem for just about everyone when it comes to weight gain. However, the more active we stay the more likely we will emerge healthier in the spring.

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