Most essential oils, especially aromatherapy oils, are highly concentrated. If using aromatherapy oils on your skin, don’t forget the carrier oil. What is a carrier oil? It is an oil which dilutes the essential oil but at the same time carries its basic essence.

Before determining what type of aromatherapy oil you are going to use on your skin, it is important to ascertain your skin type. In other words, does your skin tend to be normal, oily, or dry. For normal skin, for example, you can utilize rose oil since it is very good for the skin, as is lavender oil. However, you have to dilute these highly concentrated oils with a carrier oil.

What are the carrier oils used to dilute aromatherapy oils on the skin? Examples include emu oil, shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, aloe vera, chamomile oil, and ylang ylang oil. For example, if you wished to dilute lavender oil, you could use carrier oils such as chamomile and ylang ylang. It would be necessary to ascertain the ratio of each of these oils to make an effective aromatherapy concoction. Depending upon who is using the oils, a 2% dilution is recommended for general use and 1% for seniors or those who have sensitive skin.

Of course, your main goal is to choose the appropriate aromatherapy oil that is both safe and gentle to the skin. The aforementioned oils are among the most popular oils utilized for normal to dry skin.

What if you have a skin condition such as acne? Certainly you can use lavender and tea tree oil, which have been proven to clear this type of skin condition. Conversely, for older adults who prefer using aromatherapy oils – there are essential oils which may be used to rejuvenate skin cells and decrease the aging of the skin. These oils would include lavender, rose, and rosemary.

Most aromatherapy oils have been proven to play an important role in regenerating skin cells, moisturize the skin, and help to heal skin conditions such as acne or eczema. They may also prevent inflammatory conditions, and a myriad of other skin problems caused by environmental toxins.

While the use of aromatherapy oils on the skin along with the carrier oils to dilute the essential oil is important, the bottom line is that an exercise and diet program that contributes to good health is also essential in ensuring the skin is properly nourished.

One final note: Stress can cause a variety of health problems including skin conditions. The use of aromatherapy oil may not only help treat the stress, but can improve the skin as well.