If you’re planning to exercise at home during the winter months and save a lot of money then utilize the following suggestions for purchasing inexpensive exercise equipment for indoors.

Workout DVDs would be preferable. Especially those that come with the exercise bands and balls would be most beneficial. In addition, you have a choice of what type of DVD to choose depending on what type of exercise you prefer.

Five and ten-pound weights are wonderful to use and do not cost an arm and a leg, although they will help to tone both.

The exercise ball is another inexpensive item that can help with strengthening the back and work out the abs.

Purchase the step, which is great for cardiovascular workouts. Just as easily walk up and down the stairs in your home by using a method most trainers recommend. Go up one, down two, up three, down four and so on.

While most exercise equipment is quite expensive, you may be able to find a stationary bike on eBay or through an ad in your local paper. The stationary bike is great for exercising the legs, thighs and upper body. 20 minutes every other night will yield weight loss as well.

While a treadmill would be great for the home, it is quite expensive and frankly you can do just as well walking every day for 20 or 30 minutes. Develop an exercise routine to gain strength and be able to walk in any type of weather.

With so many ads on TV promoting exercise equipment, what they fail to tell us is the cost. In addition, some of these pieces take up an entire room. In the old days, before exercise equipment was “in,” a jump rope would be the preferred method of exercising.
Remember the hula hoop? That, too, was another piece of exercise equipment – but never considered to so at the time.

Exercise is important, but it can be achieved with basic items that are affordable and easy to store. Start with a workout DVD by any one of the more experienced and well-known trainers and possibly receive a free band or ball as well.