There is some indication that gestational diabetes is hereditary. Although this is not entirely conclusive, studies have indicated that pregnant women may be more likely to develop gestational diabetes if there is a history of it on the maternal side of the family.

According to the American Diabetes Association, here are some statistics addressing this condition: “Type 2 diabetes runs in families.  In general, if you have type 2 diabetes, the risk of your child getting diabetes is 1 in 7 if you were diagnosed before age 50 and 1 in 13 if you were diagnosed after age 50.”

They go on to assert that the risk of developing diabetes is greater on the maternal side. Further, if both sides had Type 2 diabetes, chances are you are at a higher risk of developing it as well.

According to research, the only way to determine if gestation diabetes is hereditary is to study an entire family over a period of years and ascertain who is affected. Studies are ongoing, however, to find the link in the hereditary chain.

While there are other factors that come into play and may contribute to gestational diabetes, such as the lack of a proper diet and exercise and while there are some factors that may be inherent, little is known about the cause and effect of certain genes that may be involved in this condition.

There is another school of thought that suggests that Type 2 diabetes is inherited; that is, genetics may play a significant role in whether or not it is passed down from parent to child. However, the cause is more related to an environmental and sedentary lifestyle as well as obesity.

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle before, during, and after pregnancy it is recommended that women engage in a daily exercise routine and a diet that will reduce the risk of obesity.

Another factor is to have regular check-ups to ascertain whether or not your blood sugar levels are high, which may be an indication that you may be susceptible to gestational diabetes and for which treatment can commence to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

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