At a time when seeking traditional remedies to alleviate pain or distress is becoming less desirable, alternative methods of healing are coming to the forefront. Reflexology is the alternative way to incorporate a more balanced state of mind and body as well as increase the energy or Qi within. Is reflexology right for me? Let’s explore the answers to why it has been so effective for those who subscribe to this practice.

If you’ve ever engaged in any type of meditative practice such as Yoga or Qi Gong, the effects are often immediate. The resulting inner balance, calm, and relaxation can be immeasurable compared to the more traditional forms of medicinal applications.

In addition, reflexology combines the art of achieving inner balance and increased energy through the body which, by applying pressure to reflex points of the hands and feet, can reduce the amount of pain associated with many illnesses.

When the body’s energy is reduced, lethargy and vulnerability to illness increase. If you think about those times in your life when you were stressed to the max, and where your performance at work, your daily tasks at home, or your overall creativity lacked sufficient endurance to achieve the desired results.

Reflexology is more about treating the person and not the symptom. What does this mean? For example, let’s say you suffer from heartburn. Your doctor may prescribe an antacid to relieve the problem. But what is the underlying cause? Reflexology addresses the imbalance within and the energy flow that has caused the imbalance. And by utilizing pressure points located on the hands and feet, it can successfully return the body to its proper balance.

For thousands of years, the Chinese have used this method because they understand that Qi is necessary in maintaining a perfect balance and overall wellbeing. Reflexology has become a popular alternative to conventional medicine, and it seems truly amazing that what has been known for centuries has only now become a practical application in treating injury and other illnesses without drugs or medical intervention.

Is reflexology right for you? This is predicated on how well you understand your own body. The old expression “mind over body” is quite relevant. For example, if you have a headache you will either try to control it by focusing on something else or you will take an over-the-counter medication if it controls you.

Here is one woman’s account of how reflexology helped her. “I work at home and sit at the computer for hours. Inevitably I develop terrible headaches due to the long hours spent working. One day my mom laughingly offered to rub my big toe. Believe it or not, the headache went away within minutes. The irony is that neither of us had ever heard the term reflexology before, but we researched it online and found that the toe has several reflex points that, when pressure is applied, can relieve headaches as well as a host of other aches and pains.”

Reflexology can be applied and utilized for those annoying aches and pains that one might be vulnerable to on a daily basis. Moreover, this method opens up a world of knowledge about the body’s ability to heal itself, through understanding that reflex points on the hands or feet can restore the imbalance within and dissipate whatever ails you.

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