So the NAP Team and I were sitting around the table discussing the challenges of sticking to so-called New Year’s resolutions and all agreed that it was healthier and more sustainable to make a few simple tweaks. We then raised our hands when asked if we liked a short sharp programme with quick results (the Detox Queens!) or a more gentle approach. Amazingly, we instantly created two camps who then volunteered the products which work for them! Experience goes a long way, as they say… Here are some of our Best Sellers at

Nice & Easy Does It

Intraslim literally flies off the shelves here and understandably so. By suppressing your appetite, food cravings diminish and you simply do not eat as much. How does it work? With a unique marriage of herbs and supplements that synergise with the body’s natural chemistry they break down those calories and boost energy levels. A synch. There’s a lovely 5% off Intraslim this week.

Maxislim works in much the same way but with the addition of ‘super-ingredient’ Sida Cordifolia Complex which contains exact ratios of Sida Cordifolia, Guarana and White Willow Bark to trigger fat loss. Sida Cordifolia Complex is also ideal as a Pre-Workout boost. Go for it! With 15% off just this week, what’s not to like?

If you need to detox alongside your hectic daily routine (school run, work, family life), the apy>

CLEANSE 10-Day Body Blitz Box

for Detox by t3 therapy is a one-stop-shop to cleansing the liver, reducing bloating and stimulating cell renewal. Instead of fasting and expecting the liver to do all the hard work, your system is supported with a safe cocktail of Vitamin B12, pro-biotic supplements (Acidophilus) and herbal flower essences (Milk Thistle, dandelion, peppermint, boldo and artichoke) in handy daily dosage pots, a carry case and t3 nutritional advice leaflet. This is one of my favourites as the dosage pots do all the hard work – no mixing, no measuring, no thinking. It’s a great starter kit before moving on to more hard-core detox programmes, or for those who simply aren’t sure what they need but know they need to feel lighter and brighter! Save an instant 5% on the RRP this week.

Madal Bal

The Detox Queens Forever Rule

For those who prefer a more intense body and system overhaul, there’s the ever-popular Lemon Detox. Valued by celebs such as Beyonce (losing 22lbs in 14 days!) this enduring detox programme is wholly natural with tons of yummy ingredients (lemon, maple syrup..) and is so simple to follow. Purchase the 1 Litre tin of the Lemon Detox and get FREE 50g of Caynenne pepper powder.

The Madal Bal Lemon Detox Diet Book by Dr K A Beyer for only £4.79 !!! (usual price £5.99) This 128 page book reveals The Lemon Detox Diet Rejuvenation Sensation as a ten-day holistic naturopathic journey to better health. A perfect accompaniment to the detox programme.

Again, we stock a wonderful and wholly natural product (to combat all those chemical nasties from the party season). Apibal Freeze-cracked Bee Pollen capsules perfectly compliment the conclusion of any detox programme as a way of rebalancing one’s constitution. Active-plus micronised Pollen and Perga Jelly Royale are particularly of benefit to men and women over the age of 40.

Aloe Vera Colax

Tea & Sympathy

Tea drinkers will do well to back up their detox with a warming, rich brew of metabolism-boosting

Pe’ur Tea

Sipped by the ever-slender Victoria Beckham and known in China for almost 2000 years as “wonder tea,” the caffeine increases body function burning calories whilst polyphenols aid digestion. Each teabag makes two cups equivalent to 42 cups in each box!

Pills & Thrills

If you simply want to pop a pill for under a fiver, Aloe Vera Colax Colon Cleanse   promotes digestive regularity and optimum health for the gut. Taken in conjunction with your normal diet, it reintroduces any lost ‘good’ bacteria back into the intestines. This is one of our best sellers.

Is coffee your poison? If you’re like us, a fully paid-up member of the coffee nation, we’re sitting on some samples of GREEN COFFEE. A sachet of this supercharged beverage contains 6% to 10% of chlorogenic acid, a natural plant compound that acts as a slimming and health promoting substance. One cup every morning before breakfast is all you need.

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