When you think of endurance exercises what comes to mind? Running a race, dancing for hours and sports games? You would be correct. Endurance exercises are that which include aerobic activity in which the heart rate is elevated and additional oxygen is delivered to all the organs in the body.

Kids are amazing when it comes to endurance exercises. Whether it’s a little league baseball team that plays for 7 innings or longer, a soccer match, a basketball game or a football game. These activities require physical fitness and the ability to “endure” and play out the game or match.

For those kids who are not affiliated with any sports teams, endurance exercises can consist of swimming, tennis, walking, running, jogging, biking or any activity in which a child is in a constant state of physical motion.

Experts all agree that exercise is most beneficial to kids in that it helps them achieve a healthier heart, attain stronger bones, decrease cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, develop a thinner body and have a healthier disposition as well.

Kids who exercise not only have a good night’s sleep, but studies show test scores are higher and they are better able to function at school, at home or in any social setting. Moreover, because they have a positive attitude they are better able to cope with any challenge that confronts them.

According to one doctor, children exhibit three phases of fitness when engaged in physical activity. They are endurance, strength and flexibility. It is important, therefore, to teach kids from a very early age why exercise is good for them, and to encourage them to perform a variety of activities which will keep them heart healthy and disease free.

In addition, exercise combined with a proper nutritional diet will keep them strong and ever growing. They will be ready to endure any form of activity with joy and anticipation.

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