Do you remember a day in your childhood when you became sick? Do you also remember what your mom did to make you feel better? Whether it’s a cold, the flu, infections, or a list of childhood illnesses that befall your child, the debate rages on as to what is the best curative method to treat childhood illnesses.

While there are those who believe in homeopathic treatments utilizing natural health remedies, there are just as many who believe they can be harmful to a child. Those who believe they are not only safe but also truly work, for example, may use the use of herbs to treat a child’s cold.

Some experts differ. They believe the words “safe” and “natural” are not mutually exclusive. Take for example ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder. For years, doctors have prescribed the drug Ritalin which, as we know today, can cause more harm than good. In fact a study determined that one out of every twelve children who take Ritalin might develop chromosome abnormalities. What, then, is their solution? The use of natural vitamins and minerals to treat this disorder is recommended. Who’s right?

Certainly if you have a sick child, and you were told the natural health remedies you were using could cause harmful side affects to your child, you would avoid them like the plague. On the other hand, if you were told there is a wonder drug that will cure your child, you would most likely jump at the chance to obtain it.

The problem with natural remedies is that there are no clear-cut answers as to whether or not they are safe or achieve the desired results. While there are those herbalists who would disagree with this assessment, the bottom line is that if a child is sick what works for adults does not necessarily work for kids.

Therefore, caution has to be taken whenever natural remedies are used to treat childhood illnesses. Moreover, some of these natural remedies can cause side effects, especially if a doctor has prescribed an antibiotic and the two remedies are combined.

Every parent has to decide what is best for his or her child. Whether it is natural health remedies, or prescribed medications, research into the side effects should be incorporated into any decision-making process.