Adding to its successful range of alternative well-being products, UK company, Natural Patches has just launched SlimPatch, a drugless weight loss system which uses only natural herbs and plant extracts to achieve safe slimming results.

SlimPatch works by gradually releasing a blend of natural appetite suppressants, via a patch which is placed on the body, containing ingredients which remain effective for 24 hours.

The patch can be replaced daily for an indefinite period of time and has been proven to be extremely effective in aiding weight loss without some of the harmful side-effects often associated with dieting drugs.

SlimPatch contains focus vesticulosus extract, a time-old ingredient renowned for it’s weight loss association as it encourages production of metabolising hormones, and lecithin – a plant extract which can help distribute bodyweight by breaking down fats and cholesterol. Extract of guarana, which has been used for centuries in Eastern cultures, helps reduce excess body fats and L-carnitine plays a critical role in the metabolism of fatty acids.

Effective, simple to use and completely natural, SlimPatch contains additional nutrients to further supplement a calorie-controlled diet, including zinc pyruvate, yerba mate, flaxseed oil and zinc citrate, providing the body with minerals that can often be lost through dieting.
Offering a solution to help manage weight loss and better control appetite, Natural Patches’ SlimPatch is now available in packs of 30 for £19.99 The patches can be ordered on-line at

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