Today, most of us who work with computers will develop eye strain. Watching TV or reading in a poorly lit room can also cause a strain on the eyes. Here are some natural ways to relieve sight problems that affect us daily.

The general rule of thumb is to sit at arm’s length from the computer screen. Conversely, sitting too far away from the computer screen can also cause eye strain. You should be able to sit back in your chair comfortably and be able to read at a distance.

Just as we need to get up and walk around when sitting for too long, the same applies to our eyes. They can grow tired and the best advice given is to get up every hour and relax the eyes by closing them for a few minutes.

If your computer is located near a window, every now and then it’s a good idea to stop what you are working on and look out the window. If you work in an office that does not have windows, simply look across the room and find an object you can focus on for several seconds. This change of focus will alleviate eye strain as well.

Ensure that the lighting in your office or home is sufficient. Try to avoid any direct light or glare that may emanate from lighting fixtures or direct sunlight.

Purchase 100% UV protection sunglasses. Don’t be fooled by days in which the sun isn’t shining so brightly, as it is can be just as strong on hazy days.

Experts recommend that you do not watch TV in total darkness. Dim the lights about half way. Also, look directly at the screen from a distance. This is especially true for children who tend to sit very close to the TV.

If you drive long distances to and from work, try to stop a few times on the way home. Certainly, after spending the entire day at a computer station your eyes will already be taxed, so it’s a good idea to stop and rest your eyes for a bit.

If you find that you develop a headache after sitting at the computer for some time, stop what you are doing (and take off your glasses if you wear any), and find a quiet place where you can sit for a few minutes with your eyes closed.

You know, our eyes need just as much care and rest as our bodies. We multi-task all day long and do not realize the effect it has on our eyes. Whether we are engaging in hobbies such as knitting or reading, watching TV, or working at home or at the office, sometimes we forget just how much strain we are putting on our delicate eyes.