Medicinal mushroom brand, Hifas da Terra, is driving one of the biggest health trends this year with its brand new range of high quality mushroom products that have just launched in the UK.

Introducing Mico-Rei To Help You Fight Ageing!

The stand out supplement of Hifas’ Mico Salud range, Mico-Rei is the ultimate natural and organic supplement to help combat anti-ageing! The unique formulation contains the Reishi mushroom, known as the ‘eternal youth mushroom,’ which protects our body against oxidization – a degenerative, ageing process, heightened by everyday activities such as pollution, drinking alcohol, eating unhealthy foods, smoking etc.

By neutralising the free radicals within body, Mico-Rei’s star qualities make it an essential supplement for all women worried about their skin’s appearance, as they get older!

• Immortality Mushroom
• Powerful anti-inflammatory
• Anti-ageing – reduces fine lines and
• Reduces Anxiety/Stress
• Immunity Booster
• Maintains a healthy heart
• Protects prostate
• 100% natural
• Suitable for vegans, vegetarians

For thousand of years traditional Chinese medicine has embraced the power of the humble mushroom. Now Hifas is on an exciting mission to educate everyone about the amazing benefits mushrooms can bring to our everyday lives.

Mushrooms, One Of The Greatest Treasures Provided By Nature

Mushrooms are rich in fibre, vitamins, proteins, essential amino acids, trace elements and minerals. Multiple clinical tests have demonstrated the excellent properties of these natural wonders, mainly attributed to their rich content of active compounds, in particular Beta-glucans, which are useful for us all.

About Hifas Mushroom Supplements

The Hifas da Terra Micosalud Extract supplement range is the first line of high quality health support supplements made of organic mushrooms and easily the most effective way of introducing the healing benefits of mushrooms into your daily diet is through strong powerful extracts.

Organically grown and dried to preserve all their goodness, Hifas da Terra are the biggest cultivators of mushrooms in Europe. Their vegan friendly supplement range harness the healing power of mushrooms, making them the easiest way to get your daily dose.

Established in Spain, Hifas da Terra is a family owned company, which combines tradition with innovation; to create high quality, medicinal mushroom products uniquely designed to take care of your health. The Hifas da Terra journey begins in the depths of North West Spain, where

Learn more about Hiffa Da Terra mushrooms here now.

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