Upon researching organics and what is available other than food, it was not surprising to learn that there is clothing available made out of organic cotton. What was surprising was that 25% of pesticides and fertilizers are used in cotton farming.

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), over 20,000 deaths occur as a result of pesticide poisoning because of the chemicals that are used on farms. The good news is that organic cotton, for example, has none of these chemicals whatsoever.
It has been reported that the UK has a wide variety of organic cotton available, and many organizations have banned the use of chemicals. What types of cloth is made from organic cotton? The answer is clothes, specifically for infants, bed linens and towels. In fact, organic clothing is on the rise and is not only readily available, but affordable as well.

If you cannot find organic clothing in your area, you can certainly find websites that sell organic clothing and other items as well. For example, some sites offer clothes for men and women, and shoes. You can visit the Soil Association’s website for a listing or organic clothes and suppliers.

As we become more environmentally responsible, more and more households are turning “green”. That is to say, they are becoming completely organic. This would include food, clothes, and other products that are organically grown.

One of the more interesting developments, and quite frankly, a relief to find out, is that you can now purchase organic paint. If you’ve ever painted your home, the odor and the chemicals in the paint can be overwhelming, especially if there are children in the home or if someone is allergic to paint.

Organic paint is free from petrochemicals, fungicides, and preservatives. It is made from natural wood resins, plant oils, and earth pigments. Another important note is that by using organic paint, you can reduce the carbon and ensure that none of the chemicals are released.

Here’s another great reason to use organic paint. It can be added to your compost pile. While it is a bit more expensive than traditional paint, think of the benefits it derives. You can check online for more information on organic paints so that the next time you decide to redecorate your home, you have another choice.

As you can see, organic isn’t just for food. There are other important ways in which organics can be used to leave your home healthier, wear clothes that are safer, and keep your children free from toxins and allergens that can cause undue harm.