3-Omega-6 Dairy-free Flax Unsweetened Drink


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3-Omega-6 Dairy-free Flax Unsweetened Drink 1000ml
UNSWEETENED 3-Omega-6 Dairy Free Flax drink (3Ω6) is made with flaxseed oil and is rich and creamy with no aftertaste.   Flax seed oil is the richest plant source of Omega 3, an essential fatty acid and an integral part of the membrane of every single cell in the human body. 
3Ω6 is free from lactose, casein, cholesterol, gluten, GMO and soya.  Endorsed by the Vegetarian Society,  3Ω6 uses only natural plant based ingredients.  
 Just one 240 ml glass of 3Ω6 is packed with 1,200 mg of omega 3, about two-thirds of your recommended daily allowance,  one gram of protein, 288 mg of calcium and vitamins K and D2 for healthy bones and teeth at only 72 calories a glass. 
Packs can be stored in the pantry, but once opened should be refrigerated and used within seven days.  Delicious poured over cereal or in a smoothie, 3Ω6 is a versatile ingredient that lends itself to a wide variety of uses in recipes from soups to desserts.

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