30 kg Pasteurised egg-white liquid ideal for body builders


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30 kg Pasteurized egg-white liquid

Egg whites, are they for you?
If you are into looking after your body the answer is yes!

They are ideal for anyone who is on a specific calorie controlled diet, either for weight loss, or for sporting aims.

They are low fat, low carb and can fit into any diet.

Use them as protein intake after excercise,
Body builders use them to help maintain their muscles.

Athletes of any discipline can use them as a post work out snack to help replenish the protein that has been broken during excercise, and also as a part of their calorie controlled diet.

Ideal for anyone who has high cholesterol but wants to have eggs.

They are also great for bakers, professional or amateur as they whip up suberbly to make meringues.

The whites have between 3 and 6 weeks shelf life when kept in a fridge. Once opened they should be used within 72 hours.

The beauty of these egg whites is that they are shipped fresh to you so they can then be frozen once you have them. They can also be portioned and then frozen, affording you far more portion control and also helping you avoid unnecessary waste.

1 Kg roughly 33 egg whites
Pastuerised Egg White
Paris Beth Din

Why is egg good for you?

Pure Egg white is the best natural source if protein around.

It is fully absorbed by the body, and therefore aids recovery from heavy exercise quicker and more efficiently than most other protein supplements around.

Because it is pasteurized and therefore Salmonella free, it is safe to drink raw, either as an "Egg shake" with some fruit and other carbs or on its own, or you can use it too cook up a healthy omelette.

It is also ideal for people who want to have a healthy lifestyle and are trying to cut as much fat out of their diet as possible.

Further information
The Ingredients for the Pasteurized egg Whites states stabilisers E412 and E415. They are Guar Gum and Xanthan gum.
They are used as stabilisers so that the liquid egg stays in the right state, ie liquid without some of the solids separating out. They are used in trace amounts and are both naturally found carbohydrates with negligable nutritional value or effect.

Testimonials from Customers
These egg whites are the best price on the net.

The quality of the whites are fantastic. They are smooth unlike other
brands which tend to be lumpy.

They are resealable in the plastic cartons unlike the whites supplied in
tetra packs. .

Cook or drink liquid for the best bio-available protein. Perfect for

This company’s communication was excellent. Delivery next day. Packaging
was super!

I highly recommend to anyone!

Leon Moore www.wear2gym.co.uk



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