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Description Shape Up 500ml SHAPE UP is a complete 10-day natural slimming solution, prepared from carefully selected herbs. Skipped meals or meals taken on the run, lack of time to burn off excess calories.. it is often difficult to avoid unwanted kilos and those little bulges that concern us. SHAPE UP combines four actions:
4 plants that burn off calories.
Bitter Orange: favours destocking of fats.
Green tea: increases calorie expenditure.
Guarana: increases the combustion of fatty acids.
Yunnan tea: decreases the absorption of fats

3 cleansing plants to drain water and toxins
Fennel: improves kidney function
Celery: contributes to the elimination of toxins accumulated in the body
Barley: stimulates the elimination of metabolic waste.

2 plants to help detox the body
Chicory: helps eliminate toxins
Mate: stimulates the secretion of bile by the liver

1 plant to tone up the body
Cola: general stimulant

4 measuring doses per day over 4 days
3 measuring doses per day over 3 days
2 measuring doses per day over 2 days
1 measuring dose per day on the last day
Stabilisation treatment: 2 measuring doses per day over 15 days.The daily dose (beaker supplied) should be dilute in 1 litre of water and drunk throughout the day.Complete the 10-day course without interruption.

Special diet is required, it is recommended that you reduce your intake of carbonated drinks, coffee, tea, salt, sugary & fatty food and alcohol and increase the intake of fresh fruit & vegetables and still mineral water

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