A P Nutrition Pomegranate Juice 500ml


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A P Nutrition Pomegranate� Juice 500ml

The Pomegranate, an edible fruit from the lythraceae family, has been used since ancient times for both medicinal and symbolic purposes. The Ancient Egyptians saw it as a symbol of eternal life and many were buried with a pomegranate in the hope of being reborn.

�Almost the entire plant is used in Western herbal medicines, from the rind to the fruit. The juice is said to be a good blood tonic in Ayurvedic terms and is often used to promote effective digestion. In recent years, the true nutritional benefits of the pomegranate have been realised, particularly in relation to the high level of antioxidants found in the fruit, including a high concentration of Polyphenol, which could help prevent aging.

�The presence of antioxidants could also have the following beneficial health effects; � Maintaining a healthy heart � Reducing bad cholesterol and lowering blood pressure � Protecting against free radicals � Helping to relieve the symptoms of menopause The pomegranate is also rich in vitamins C, A and E which are associated with boosting libido and increasing oestrogen levels.

�The high level of iron found in the fruit suggests that it could help prevent anaemia. It is also believed to have anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial benefits

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