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The essential oil is extracted by distillation from the seeds and is not to be confused with the fixed or carrier oil which is made by macerating the root in oil. Absolute Aromas also stocks a Carrot carrier oil which is macerated in Sesame. Carrot Seed essential oil is a rich amber colour and has a woody and earthy aroma which blends well with citrus and spice oils as well as Geranium and Cedarwood. All parts of the Carrot plant have been used as traditional medicines – the leaves are listed in the Herbal Pharmacopoeia as a diuretic and the seeds are a traditional Chinese remedy for stomach complaints. Carrot Seed essential oil makes an excellent addition to skincare products, particularly for dry or mature skin. As an alternative moisturiser, try blending 2 drops of Carrot Seed with 2 drops of Geranium in 10ml of Evening Primrose and apply daily.

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