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The reference to German reflects the fact that this essential oil used to be distilled mostly in Germany. When fresh, this oil is deep blue, fairly viscous and has an intense sweetness that some people find unpleasant. It is extensively used in pharmaceutical products for its healing properties. As with Roman Chamomile, the high price reflects the low yield and labour-intensive processes involved in producing this oil. German Chamomile is particularly effective when used with a compress, either hot or cold. If you are suffering from a ‘buzzing’ head after a stressful day, try adding 2 drops of German Chamomile and 1 drop of Lavender to a bowl of ice cold water. Dip a folded face flannel into the water, wring it out and place it across your forehead, lie back and relax. Alternatively, try using in a hot compress to ease general aches and pains. German Chamomile is also an excellent addition to skincare products for dry or sensitive skin. Try 1 drop of German Chamomile and 3 drops of Mandarin in 10ml of Avocado oil as an alternative moisturiser. Do not use German Chamomile at all during early pregnancy and only on specialist advice thereafter.

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