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Although distantly related to the Roman and German Chamomiles, Chamomile Maroc is a different botanical species and has a lighter, sweeter aroma. The chemical composition of Chamomile Maroc is not similar to the more commonly used Roman and German varieties either but it can replace them where a wonderfully soothing, sweet aroma is required. (Some people find the pungent, earthy smell of the other Chamomiles off-putting.) Try putting 2 drops of Chamomile Maroc and 2 drops of Lavender in a burner or diffuser half an hour before bedtime to encourage a restful night’s sleep. One drop of Chamomile Maroc and 1 drop of Mandarin may be added to 50ml of Sunflower oil to make a gentle massage blend for babies over six months. Alternatively, blend the same essential oils in 10ml of Sunflower oil and add to warm bathwater for a relaxing and moisturising evening bath for young children. Absolute Aromas recommends seeking professional advice before using essential oils on young children. Chamomile Maroc should not be used during the first two trimesters of pregnancy

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