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Absolute Aromas and every oil in the organic range have been certified by the Soil Association. Each oil can be traced back to the farm where the plant was grown, through each stage of production and finally to the beautiful finished product. The organic range has been sourced from many reputable farms around the world. Absolute Aromas have visited many of the farms themselves, in order to ensure that the high levels of quality and purity that have made Absolute Aromas stand out in the marketplace, remain at the forefront of their company ethos.There are several types of oil produced from the Juniper plant. One is the superior quality Juniperberry oil, made from the berries and the other main one, often referred to as Juniper oil, is an inferior product distilled from the twigs and leaves. The juniper fruits are widely used for gin production. Some juniper oils are produced as a by-product of the fermentation process. Absolute Aromas organic Juniperberry oil is steam distilled from premier-grade juniper berries, giving an excellent, high quality oil, ideal for aromatherapy. The organic berries are hand picked from the fields, an occupation that is not regarded highly by the workers therefore making increasingly hard to produce organic Juniperberries. Juniperberry is useful after any period of indulgence – try making the following body massage oil a New Year resolution: Blend together 30ml of Apricot Kernel oil, 4 drops of Juniperberry, 4 drops of Rosemary and 3 drops of Geranium. Apply daily, preferably in the morning. Not to be used during pregnancy or by those with kidney disorders. Best used within a year of opening.

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