AcaiCleanse 48 Hour Acai Berry Detox Liquid (32 fl oz (947 ml))


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AcaiCleanse, 48 Hour Acai Berry Detox Liquid (32 fl oz (947 ml)

Acai & Lemon Detoxifying Liquid With Lemon – Maple Syrup – Cayenne Flush the Fat Detoxify Reduce Bloat & Water Weight Helps Restore Metabolism AcaiCleanse 48 Hour Detox Program is an advanced, natural cleansing and detox program designed to help cleanse, detoxify and recharge the metabolism. Formulated with a balanced blend of High Antioxidant Acai Berry, AcaiCleanse combines the detoxifying properties of the traditional Lemon, Maple, Cayenne cleansing formula in a delicious, easy to follow 48 hour program. Perfect for jump starting a weight loss program or health regimen, AcaiCleanse, helps to remove stored bulk, toxins and excess water helping flush the system for a renewed vigor. Delicious combined in pure water 4 times a day, AcaiCleanse concentrate can also be added to your favorite diluted juice. A clean and detoxified body, is a healthier, slimmer, re-energized body! Start your health regimen with AcaiCleanse from Garden Greens, your source of natural health and nutrition

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