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Acnecinamide Sun SPF 15 UVA + UVB cream is a special combination of Niacinamide 4 %, Evening primrose oil (as linoleic acid source), panthenol (Provitamin B5), allantoin and sunscreens that provide UV protection to acne and acne prone skins. Sun exposure limits the application of anti-acne products during the day as UV may cause permanent skin damage. 
Acnecinamide Sun SPF 15 cream may help your acne or acne prone skin in preventing sun light damage whenever you use an anti-acne product. 
Vivatinell has prepared a new sunscreen composition that causes no breakout reaction of pimples and clogging of pores to aggreviate the acne lesions. Acnecinamide Sun SPF 15 cream both prevents blemish formation and controls excessive oil, sebum production and could be applied on pimples and acne-prone skin. Apply 20 minutes before exposure to sun in generous amounts.
Reapplication is directed every 4 hours or after swimming and towel drying. The formula of Acnecinamide Sun SPF 15 cream makes the sun screen resistant to water and sweating. Apply Acnecinamide Sun SPF 15 cream after using acne products, other dermal care products or before using coloured cosmetics. Avoid eye contact. Dermatologically tested. Nonphototoxic, nonphotoallergic.

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