Acti-Tape Blue 1 Roll


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Acti-Tape Blue 1 Roll 
Acti-Tape Blue
Acti-Tape has its origins in therapeutic sports tapes for rehabilitation of injuries, providing support to joints and muscles, and enhancing sports performance without affecting range of motion.  The concept was initially developed in Japan in the late 1970’s. Nowadays aside from application in rehabilitation, newer methodologies have been developed that address benefits associated with preventive health maintenance, reducing edema and pain relief.
Highly breathable – efficiently channels air and sweat
Water resistant – can withstand showers / swimming.
Allows muscles to perform a full range of motion,
Easily and comfortably to wear
Latex free, hypoallergenic
Effective for 3-4 days
5 cm. x 5 m. (2" x 5½ yards)

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