Ageloss Rejuvabolic Liquid 890ml


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With a unique and powerful antioxidant blend, Nature´s Plus AgeLoss REJUVABOLIC Liquid Resveratrol Anti-Aging Complex helps the body to counter catabolic processes while nourishing and nurturing anabolic, youthful vitality. AgeLoss REJUVABOLIC Liquid employs five major classes of antioxidants to target all five major classes of free radicals throughout the body. Just two delicious mixed-berry capfuls deliver over 12,000 ORAC – incredible antioxidant nutrition!

Imagine gaining the revitalizing trans-resveratrol benefits of 365 glasses of red wine in just one serving (two capfuls)! Patent-pending PentaTrol Brand 5-Tier Trans-Resveratrol does just that and more, combining the contribution of vitamins, amino acids, calcium and organic whole-food bioflavonoids to create a unique powerhouse blend for maximum antioxidant efficiency.

Organic Gold Standard Potentiating Nutrients optimize the activity of the REJUVABOLIC formula.

With more than 12,000 Total ORAC, PentaTrol Brand 5-Tier Trans-Resveratrol, First Day Blend and Organic Gold Standard Potentiating Nutrients, AgeLoss REJUVABOLIC Liquid embodies the core of revolutionary Rejuvabolic Science, for incredible anti-aging support!

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