AlcoClear Alcohol test kit ideal for French holidays


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AlcoClear Alcohol test kit
AlcoClear™ – a travel essential
AlcoClear™ – a reliable and easy to use alcohol breath test designed and developed especially for the British motorist, travelling in Europe.  
From July 2012, French law requires you to carry two NF approved alcohol breath tests in your vehicle, when travelling in France. Failure to comply will incur an immediate fixed penalty fine.  
AlcoClear™ is a compact alcohol breath test kit, containing everything you’ll need for your roadside travels; it is both easy to use and simple to interpret, providing accurate results in just 2 minutes.  
The alcohol limit in France, like much of Europe, is much smaller to that of the UK; standing at 0.05% BAC, that’s no more than 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood – 30mg less than the UK limit.
This means that you could well be over the limit after just 2 glasses of wine.  
If you fail to carry two NF approved breath tests in your vehicle, you could be subject to an instant fixed penalty fine.  Worse yet, if you cause an accident on the roads and are found to be over the 0.05% cut-off level you could face a fine of up to €30,000,  2 years in jail, the confiscation of your vehicle and the suspension of your license.
Whether you’re off on your holidays or a business trip, AlcoClear™ will provide peace of mind.
0.05% BAC suitable for France and most of Europe
NF approved for French travel
Quick and simple to use
Highly accurate and reliable
Scientifically proven technology

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