Alice and Oscars Express Pearl & Red Quinoa 250 g


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Alice and Oscars Express Pearl & Red Quinoa 250 g 

Ready Cooked Organic & Fairtrade Quinoa – Pearl & Red mix
Quinola – the everyday superfood
Looking for an alternative to rice and potatoes? Can’t face another plate of pasta? Alice & Oscar’s organic Quinola, a new brand of high-quality South American quinoa (pronounced “keen-wa”), is set to take this tasty, quick and nutrient-rich grain away from the shelves of health-food stores and into larders as an everyday food. 
The man behind the brand, James Livingstone-Wallace, who is a descendent of the 19th-century Scottish explorer Dr David Livingstone, came across smallholders growing quinoa while travelling with his family in the Peruvian Andes. On returning home, James set up a Fairtrade partnership with the Cabaña Farming Co-operative just north of Lake Titicaca. The Quinola brand is now proud to launch the best pearl, red and black Peruvian quinoa in the UK.
“In Peru, where quinoa has been eaten for thousands of years and was the sacred mothergrain of the Incas, it is considered an essential part of the diet,” says James, who gave up a career as a fund manager to travel with his wife and three children.
“Not only is quinoa a ‘complete protein’, meaning that it contains all the essential amino acids our body needs, it is also gluten-free and easily digested. Our children, Alice and Oscar, both love the taste and texture of the quinoa – especially the black quinoa, which has a lovely nutty texture and is hard to source in the UK. They are the inspiration for the brand’s name, while our other son George makes an appearance on the packaging as a condor.
Basic Cooking: 
As it is the best quality quinoa, you do not need to rinse it before cooking but feel free to do so. Servings are approximately 70g per person for a main dish, but it obviously depends on how much other stuff you are cooking with it. The seeds are round and small but once cooked, they swell, become translucent and a small germ pops up. A bit like the punky hair on our Quinola super grains Alice and Oscar. Ready in 12 to 20 minutes depending on the colour and desired texture quinoa boils in water. Either two parts of water per part of quinoa if you cook via the absorption method or simply in boiling water and drain when cooked. Some cooks even go as low as one part water for one part quinoa to get a crunchier feel, but we would suggest you try our crunchy black Quinola if you want this effect. 
Cooking times for our various Quinola colours are as follows:
(Minutes) Crunchy Al dente Soft Sludge like granny’s veg
Pearl 10-11 12-13 13-14 15+
Red 12-13 14-15 16-19 20+
Black 16-18 19-20 21-24 25+
“Quinola is a deeply ethical brand. We not only work directly with the smallholders of Cabaña but also employ people with learning difficulties to package it in recycled cardboard in France. And to underline its importance as a grain, the United Nations has designated 2013 the International Year of Quinoa. It is even NASA’s food of choice for astronauts on deep space travel. As superfoods go, you can’t get better endorsement than that!”

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