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Alka® Tea contains the whole spectrum of elements that ensure optimum de-acidification of the body. Alka® Tea is tailored just for you with 52 different kinds of herbs to cleanse your body.

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Put the tea filter in a cup and add 250ml boiling water to it. Leave the filter for five minutes to extract the herbs. Stir and drink quietly. You may leave the filter in for longer time if you require a stronger infusion.

Alka® Drops in your Alka® Tea: If you find it difficult to drink five glasses of water with Alka® Drops on a daily basis, you can also add Alka® Drops to a cup of Alka® Tea. For example, replace two cups water with two cups of Alka® Tea with four drops. Drink it on an as empty possible stomach, so some time before meals, or between meals.

Make delicious ice tea of your Alka® Tea. Cool off your Alka® Tea, optionally add an ice cube and a slice of lemon and enjoy your fresh and healthy Alka® ice tea on hot summer days.


Each filter contains 2g with a balanced selection of the following herbs:<br>Agrimony, alchemilla, anise, apple, bears garlic, blackberry leaves, summer savory, nettle leaves, bridewort, lemon, lemon peel, tarragon, milfoil, fenugreek, raspberry leaves, lavender, speedwell, gill run, gum tree, vervain, juniper, ruits, chamomile, cinnamon, caraway fruits, coriander fruits, clove, curly parsley, lovage, lime blossoms, marigold, acemes, marshmallow, melissa, origan, elder, dandelion roots, horsetail, turmeric, pansy tricolor, peppermint leaves, rose, rosemary, <b>CELERY</b>, silverweed, lungwort, thyme, dill, sage, fennel, ribwort plantain, yerba mate, basil, black pepper<br><br>Alka ® Tea is exclusively composed of natural ingredients and does not contain any aromatic additives


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