All Natural Bamboo Cotton Buds 100’s


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This product is ALL NATURAL & VEGAN. Bamboo FETE Cotton & Bamboo Swabs 100 pieces – an ear cleaning tool made of bamboo. The F.E.T.E. Cotton & Bamboo Swabs help protect the environment, as being completely biodegradable, compostable & sustainable.
Material: Stick is made of Maso bamboo.

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You can use the cotton buds for make-up removal or cleaning ears but it should be noted that regular use of cotton buds in the ears tends to push ear wax deeper into the ear. Ear wax actually has an important function and should be there but you can remove excess ear wax carefully with the cotton buds


Bamboo and cotton 


Caution to not push ear wax back into the ear if using the buds for this purpose


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